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Liaboe Dental Oral Irrigator with 3 Adjustable Mode & 5 levels of water pressure ,600ml High Capacity,for Family Use, Teeth and Braces.

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Product description:

One-button operation & 360° rotating nozzle
* 5 adjustable water pressure 30~110PSI to meet the family's needs;
* Multi-function handle for easy replacement and 360° rotation of the nozzle
Adjustable water pressure, cut off water flow for a short time
* Elastic mode shock absorber design, Effectively reduce the use of noise.
*High frequency pulsed water pressure,1400 times per minute

Three Modes:
Mode C: Easy to Clean, Smart timing
3 minute timer, 30 second interval reminder, last two minutes continuous flush
Deeply cleans the mouth and interdental debris to bring a different feeling of freshness
Mode M: Massage technology, Frequency pulse
* 1400 UHF pulsed water rinses per minute,
Massage gums comfortably to relieve periodontal inflammation
* Gentle pulsing water spray gently rinses dirt and pollen out of the nose to make teeth and nose healthier
Mode F: Fresh breath model, Multiple experiences
Unique and innovative technology
* Intermittent cleaning, no limits
* With salt water or mouthwash, refreshing feeling
* With herbal juice, effective care of the oral cavity

Suitable especially for serious tones, bleeding gums, wearing orthodontic appliances, tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis and other oral diseases.particularly useful for those who have dental implants and dentures in the oral cavity, and the need for cleaning and prevention of infection after oral surgery.

Body size: 244×136×98mm
Body weight: 535g
Handle size: 26 × 20 × 110
Handle weight (water tube): 40g

Package Included:
1 x Water Flosser
1 x Squeegee
1 x White+green+blue decorative ring standard nozzles
1 x Adapter (12V, 1.5A)
1 x Product description