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Bluetooth Body Fat Scale - Liaboe Smart Digital Body Scale with iOS and Android APP for Measuring Weight, Body Composition Analyzer, Pink

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Brand Introduction:

Liaboe is reliable.Liaboe is an Internet electric company focused in the areas of personal care and health care. We strive to provide you with cutting-edge technology products dripping with warm love. Our team is guided by 15 years of experience in OEM service for many international leading companies. Our products has the similar premium quality as those produced by worldwide top companies but our prices are much lower than them. It is because our products are directly sold to you from us through the Internet, not the dealers. Our only goal to providing best bang-for-your-buck products!


Liaboe is reliable.




High Precision Body Composition Meter

  • Using the BIA bioelectrical impedance method, four high-precision sensors are installed, which adds gravity-sensitive technology.

  • The power supply automatically turns on when standing, moisture content, body fat, muscle mass, and volume. Accurate measurement.

Tempered Glass &LCD Screen

  • Bottom is designed with non-slip, durable, safe and durable glass.

  • Whether it's day or night, it's easy to read even in dark places.

Slim and Compact

  • Ultra-thin and compact, only 20 mm thick, no space, can be stored in the hollow of the furniture.

  • Thin body fat meters have shorter ground distances, a more stable center of gravity and higher measurement accuracy.


Application Download

  • Using the exclusive OKOK app, you can measure weight/body fat percentage/muscle condition/body moisture content/estimated bone mass/basal metabolism/visceral fat level/BMI (body mass index) compared to it, it is very useful for dieting, health and Health plan.

  • Scan the QR code directly and download it. In addition, IOS will search for "OK OK" in the App Store and download it. For Android, search for "Accept OK" on Google Play and download it.



Display: All data displayed when power on

Capacity: 3kg-180kgs

Division: 1D=100g/0.2lb

Unit: KG/LB/ST

Voltage: 4.5V

Battery: 3*AAA battery

Low battery indication: 2.4V 0.2V, display”Lo” and power off

Best working temperature: 5~35℃

Storage temperature: -10~60℃

Moisture Environment: ≦90%RH


How to use:

  1. Check required specification for phone or tablet

  2. Install the batteries

  3. Install app

  4. Pair the devices, register and complete user information

  5. Weighing

  6. View the result